To create the new category of Apollo Liquid Core® Functional Gums, we needed something unique and high-tech that would facilitate engagement and be as ubiquitous and readily available as a break room coffee machine.  This is where SPACE STATION® is game-changing.

“We are great at making Apollo Liquid Core® Gum.  We needed something iconic to distribute our gum and educate the consumer.  So we earmarked one years’ marketing budget and designed SPACE STATION®️ from concept to finished creation, in-house.  This is our Super Bowl ad, but one that generates buzz and sales indefinitely – and fits on a desktop.  When people see a SPACE STATION® dispense gum, from college students to the most senior executives we know, they are absolutely blown away.”  – Team Apollo®

Wi-Fi-enabled, app-based SPACE STATION® does literally everything: It is Brand Building & Category Defining; It conducts Sampling events and Communicates; It Educates, Distributes and creates a Retail POS and Sales Point wherever it is placed.  It even handles the accounting.  People are drawn to SPACE STATION® because it is truly unique.  It is like a Keurig machine for today’s smarter energy consumer; Or more aptly it’s our Red Bull mini fridge blended with today’s IoT technology.  SPACE STATION® is a device you would expect to see on a spaceship.  Here are some screenshots of the SPACE STATION® App:

SPACE STATION® does everything except refill itself.  It is iconic and it commands attention like nothing we’ve seen.  With so much form and function – and side hustle potential – the potential for SPACE STATION® is astounding.